How to Shop Supreme Clothing Online

Supreme apparel is some of the most coveted in the world and with good reason. The brand is not only known for its cool and its quality, but it’s also been built on a strategy of scarcity. That scarcity builds anticipation and desire, and getting your hands on Supreme shirts or other Supreme merch requires some serious strategy. It takes commitment to shop Supreme clothing online. If you’re ready to shop Supreme clothing online, here’s your tips for scoring the perfect Supreme merchandise.

Understand the Supreme System

There are two collection releases every year, in the spring and the fall. There are also collaborative and special releases all through the season. Before release, you can review most of the items on Supreme’s own website. The web is full of Instagram and Twitter accounts that are dedicated to keeping Supreme fans up-to-date on all the latest information about releases. Shop releases always happen on Thursday, and online releases of those same items happen the following Thursday.

Buying Directly From a Shop

This has always been the hardest option, and for many of us it’s simply not an option. Not only do you have to be close to a brick and mortar to do it, but the lines are not for the faint of heart. In fact, unless you have some sweet connections you likely won’t even make it into a store on release day before everything that Supreme bag you wanted is already sold out. Some shops even have a system where you have to get on a list to go on Monday to stand in line to be given a place to stand in line on Thursday. This makes it a much smarter strategy for most people to shop Supreme clothing online.

Shop Supreme Clothing Online

You could try to shop from Supreme directly, but you’re going to be competing with people who have built bots that make purchases so fast that ordinary humans with fingers or a trackpad can’t possibly keep up. Unless you’ve got the ability to write one of these bots for yourself, you’re out of luck unless you’ve got enormous amounts of cash to use to buy one. The easiest way to actually get items is to use Supreme resellers, and there’s a reason that the least expensive of these are online instead of physical stores. Having a physical retail space means more costs that have to be recouped some way, and a store that only has an Internet presence can make $100,000 or more a year with the same sales as a store that has to pay for retail space.

Buying From the Right Site

You’ll want to shop Supreme clothing online with a retail store rather than a site like Ebay. A store is making a set amount of profit: a private seller who paid thousands for a bot to get the latest Supreme items is looking for a huge score and could jack up the price to three times what it’s worth. In fact, the owner of a legit skate show could easily be making only $30,000 in actual profit even after selling $475,000 worth of stuff.

It can be hard to shop Supreme clothing online or in person, but there’s nothing that beats the feeling–or the respect–of getting the Supreme apparel you want. All it takes is some determination and knowledge.

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