How to be Charitable Around the Holiday Season

Clothes donation

A charitable donation could change the day in the life of someone who needs it most, and your selfless donation can bring joy around the holiday season. By helping families in need through charitable donations, you are being a part of something bigger. You may look at what you have done and ask, “How does my little donation do anything?” but just remember – if others are doing the same thing, you are all being a part of something much bigger, and leaving a positive impact in our world. You’re also setting an example for those around you who may be asking the same questions. With 95.4% of Americans participating in some type of charitable giving to this day, it’s apparent that kindness is taking the world by storm as we realize that we should do what we can to help families in need.

What Makes Us Unique

We go one step further in making the donation process simple and effective, as we understand that everybody has busy lives. Perhaps you went through your closet and put all the clothing that doesn’t fit you on a pile, but now you have to find the time to drive it to the nearest donation center. Though we understand it’s very important to you that you help those in need, we also understand what it means to have a busy schedule. If you want to donate clothes or goods to those in need, there need to be more options and companies who are willing to meet you in the middle. This is why we have implemented pick up clothing donations as a way to give back to everybody in a tight time, especially around this holiday season where everybody is bustling to make ends meet and get everywhere in time.

Many people do not see the impact they could be making. They may think, I’d love to donate, but it’s easier for me to just throw my clothing away instead of dealing with it, whereas they have no idea that their donation could literally change lives. Americans only donate or recycle 15% of their used clothing. Every other piece ends up in landfills across the country, which comes out to an astounding 10.5 million tons a year. Imagine most of this perfectly good clothing being tossed when it could have been used toward a good cause. It’s that easy with pick up clothing donations. That’s what donating is about.

Statistics show that 80% of donated clothing is used to supply the needy with clothing for the entire family. Keeping this in mind, you may understand why it is important to make the leap and donate your clothes this year when the time is right. With pick up clothing donations offered to you, the process is made simple and you can feel great about the difference you have made.

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