Freshwater Pearls for Every Occassion

Pearl necklaces

Jewelry is an important element of many celebrations and is given to mark many major life events. Pearl rings and other pearl jewelry pieces are unique and timeless ways to mark important dates. Pearls were once considered only an item for the very rich or royalty. Pearls were adored by Cleopatra and used in pearl rings as many as 4,000 years ago by the Chinese.

In the Victorian era pearls were given as tokens of love and prosperity. During the era pearl engagement rings became quite popular. Draping yourself in pearl necklaces and pearl rings was popularized by CoCo Chanel. She was often photographed with multiple ropes of pearls.

Today fresh water and Tahitian pearl jewelry has brought this little gift of the oyster to the masses. Pearls can be worn for any occasion. They are also a popular family artifact, being handed down from mother and daughter many times. The gift of a string of pearls or a pearl ring is common for a bride to receive on her wedding day. Pearls come in many styles, colors and sizes making them both a timeless classic and contemporary jewelry marvel.

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