French Cuff Shirts Make an Elegant Statement

Mens designer shirts

Are you in the market for formal shirts? Do you like to look good in mens designer shirts? If you do, consider buying more French cuff shirts in your wardrobe. Not only do French cuff shirts look more formal, but they have greater versatility in style. French cuff shirts are also easy to customize with your favorite cuff links, and even accentuate those cuff links.

French cuff shirts are a little different than more traditional cuffs. The most common cuff, a button cuff, simply wraps the sleeve around the arm. French cuff shirts opt to fold the shirt cuff outward. Normally, a French cuff shirt is also secured by means of an external cuff link, and not through a button.

French cuff shirts are undergoing a revival in recent years. In decades past, French cuff shirts were seen as more formal than other cuffs, such as button cuffs. While they have faded out of style, they are now seen more frequently in business and lounge settings. This is especially true in Europe, where men have always been at the avant garde of mens fashion.

As a more formal option to mensweear, French cuff shirts are often made of finer material. Often, they have a higher thread count than ordinary dress shirts, and are often pressed to a higher quality and with more starch. French cuff shirts also come in a variety of tasteful colors, and while most are solid color, a few have pinstripe patterns.

The best part about French cuff shirts are that they allow you to display your cuff links. Cuff links are one of the most expensive pieces of menswear available, for they are metal and often fashioned with a metal or precious stone. Oftentimes, cuff links are handed down through the generations. Using French cuff shirts not only requires cuff links, but actually accentuates them. In fact, cuff links can even turn into a conversation piece in the right hands.

Whether you need a shirt for a business event or just to look good, you should always consider a French cuff shirt. How should you buy one? See if your fine mens clothier has one today.

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