Four Types of Shoes Every Man Should Have in Their Closet

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Shoes are normally associated with being a female accessory. Although men wear shoes just as often as women do, women tend to have a greater number of shoes in their collection. Women may have multiple shoes for all different types of occasions. Men, however, should also have a good collection of shoes for different events. Most men should have the following types of shoes in their closets.

Workout shoe
A workout shoe is something that you wear during exercise. The specific type of shoe will depend on the type of workout that you do. If you are a runner, for example, you should have a good pair of running shoes that provide you with comfort and support. If cardio is not your thing and you prefer to lift weights in the gym, a simple tennis shoe may work. However, you will want something that is strong and resistant to dropped weights. You may even have multiple pairs of running shoes if you engage in multiple types of athletic activities.

Errand everyday shoe
Your everyday shoe that you run errands in will differ, based on your preferences. If your style is more designer, you may choose something like designer lace up shoes. Even the most mens exotic skin shoes can be used as an everyday errand shoe, if it matches your everyday wardrobe. Choose something that pairs with the majority of your clothing choices and that is comfortable for days you spend many hours on your feet.

Casual dress shoes
If you work in a business setting, you are aware that some days and events call for more casual business wear. Other days, when you have important meetings with clients, you require something that is much dressier. For this reason, it can be helpful to also have a casual dress shoe. Your casual dress shoe may be a pair of Italian loafers or it might be mens exotic skin shoes. Lace up shoes tend to be seen as a little more casual and fit this requirement well. Formal lace up shoes can be split into two sorts, Derbies and Oxfords.

Business professional shoes
Your business professional shoes are the shoes that you will wear to the most important of business meetings. You may also wear them to dressy events, such as weddings or charity fundraisers. Your business professional shoes may be a form of mens exotic skin shoes or other type of leather dress shoes. Most dressier shoes are made out of some type of leather or exotic skin shoes.

Leather dress shoes look very nice because they are shiny and made of high quality materials. The other great thing about leather business professional shoes is that you can pair them with other leather accessories for an even more formal look. Pair a nice pair of high quality leather shoes or boots with designer leather belts or a leather wallet. On average, a consumer will have at least 4 leather items on them at any one time (e.g. shoes, belt, wallet, watchstrap). Pairing different types of leather accessories can really increase the overall look of your business professional outfit.

The shoe market for men is not as prominent as it is for women. Although most retailers carry some types of men?s shoes, men have less options and less of an ability to customize their shoe choices. However, men should have minimally four types of shoes in their closet for use. They should have a sporting or exercise shoe, an everyday shoe that they run daily errands in, a casual business shoe, and a business professional shoe. Some of these shoes, like mens exotic skin shoes may cross over into other categories, but having a specific shoe for each occasion ensures that they last longer and are suitable for that type of event.

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