Donating To Charity Just Feels Good Why More Americans Are Offering Up Their Used Clothes

You want to donate to charity. You’re just not sure how to go about it.

Should you donate food to your local food drive or see what houseware you can offer up to a nearby thrift shop? A great place to start exploring your generous side is actually right in your closet. Used clothing is a resource that can be renewed easily and put back into the economy, generating jobs and affordable sales. They have the added benefit of shaving money off your taxes and reducing troublesome clutter in your home, too. Think it all sounds too good to be true?

Learn how to donate to charity in a way that’ll just keep on delivering throughout 2019 below.

Did You Know?

Here are a few things you might not know about charity donations today and the impact of used clothes. The average American purchases 10 pounds of previously used clothing every year, making it one of the most popular ‘thrifty’ options behind used furniture. It’s not just buying that’s seeing a shift, either. Back in 2007 nearly $6 billion worth of clothing related donations were made to charity. Digging around in your closet for some unwanted clothes will only take a few minutes, with results that last for months.

Gently Used Clothes Are Great For Shoppers On A Budget

Do you have an old sweater that no longer fits? How about a pair of pants that just don’t gel with your sense of style anymore? Learning how to donate to charity means learning what ‘gently used’ actually entails. Make sure any clothes you offer up to your nearby thrift shop don’t have huge stains, tears, burns, holes, or missing buttons. These will be put up on the rack to then provide the community with affordable clothing options.

Damaged Clothes Can Still Be Recycled And Reused

If you do have some clothes that are too damaged for the rack, never fear. They can still be recycled and put back into several industries as useful materials. Nearly 100% of household textiles can be easily reused without a drop in quality, which includes nylon, cotton, and spandex. Recent research has found 12 million tons of clothing and textile waste will be thrown out in the United States each year. Your next charitable clothing donations could put a dent in those numbers.

You Can Save Money On Your Taxes This Year

Yes, helping military families and keeping landfills clean can even reflect on your taxes. Learning how to donate to charity also involves keeping track of a few extra details so you can continue to reap the benefits. Organizations that accept clothing donations will offer not just discounts — which can be put toward more clothing purchases — but receipts, those of which should go straight to your next tax form. Some clothes are in higher demand than others, to boot. Mens’ suits and overcoats, for example, can result in a $50 write-off.

Charitable Clothing Donations Are A Generous Act

Sometimes you want to donate not to save money or clean up, but just to help someone else feel good. For many people that’s exactly what it comes down to…helping out those who need it. Americans today are wearing more used clothing than ever in an attempt to save money (with the average American woman owning 30 outfits). Offering up that stylish skirt you no longer care for or that pair of shoes that don’t quite fit can really make someone’s day. Used clothing pick up is a resource you can tap into next time your schedule is too busy for a drop off, too.

Now that you know how to donate to charity, make 2019 your most generous yet. Dig around in your closet for some goodies that’ll just keep on giving.

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