Does Your Marketing Department Need an Upgrade? Why Custom T-Shirts Could Save Your Store

Custom compressed t-shirts

There are more than 20 million small businesses in America and all of them are trying to reach out to their customers in new ways. It may seem like paper advertising and marketing material is getting you nowhere, and the statistics agree with that assumption. Studies continuously indicate that if you are marketing via brochure, you are losing time, money, and business. The modern era demands more creative, more immediate ways of reaching out to your loyal customer base, and t-shirt printing services want to discuss your marketing and advertising options.

Your first outlet for outreach should be digital: emails, coupons, and social media. Advertising experts have found, however, that adding a personal touch to online orders can be an extremely effective way to boost customer loyalty. Custom promotional towels and custom compressed t-shirts are a great way to renew customer interest and to encourage sales. Promotional t-shirts can be offered as an add-on or an up-sell: once customers realize the quality of your products, they will return to buy more.

Custom compressed t-shirts are also a great idea for trade shows and fairs. T-shirt printing services can work with you to turn bulky t-shirts into attractive take home advertising tools. You can choose the shape that you would like your t-shirt to be compressed into, and you can include an insert that has your business’s name, phone number, and website. Custom compressed t-shirts can make in-person promotional giveaways much easier to manage logistically — they are less bulky than regular t-shirts — and can allow you to make a positive first impression with new clients or customers.

Studies show that customers are more likely to visit a business when they receive something that they can use around the home. Letter openers, refrigerator magnets, and custom compressed t-shirts are all great options when you are looking to make an impact on your customers’ imagination. Companies may wish to market digitally, but they can funnel their marketing budget into effective marketing tools for new customers. Make sure to print your business’s name, phone number, and any social media account or website that you have. If you’re making custom compressed t-shirts, you may be able to package the shirts with a magnet in front instead of a custom index card.

Always Be Closing: the ABCs of sales. Always look for ways to delight your customers and to connect with them. You may have clients on the books for years or even decades: have you thought about rewarding their loyalty and longevity? The vast majority of new American businesses never make it past the first five years: if you have been in business for a decade or more, you have your customers to thank for your success. People want to buy from local businesses that have positive values and a commitment to “making it right.” Advertising and marketing may be about finding trends, but customer service should be timely and old-fashioned.

If you ask 100 people about their t-shirt collection, more than 90% will tell you that they have a few shirts that they will never throw away or donate. The shirts could have holes in them or be so old that they are about to turn into dust, but people stick to their favorite shirts for years. What your business is striving to achieve is to give away or sell promotional tote bag or t-shirt prizes that will make it into people’s closets for a long time.

When you’re designing t-shirts, make them funny and memorable. One of the best marketing and sales tools is humor: people are more likely to wear promotional t-shirts if they have an upbeat message and an attractive graphic. If you feel that your business’s logo is kind of worn out, develop some new logo options. If you want to continue to reach your customers, you need to be able to shift and evolve with the new economy.

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