Do You Know What Types of Gifts Your Friends and Family Would Appreciate?

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Most people love to give and receive gifts. While some prefer to be surprised, others definitely know what they want. A 2011 Journal of Experimental Social Psychology article published the results of five independent studies on gift giving. The results confirmed that people are more appreciative when they receive a gift that they specifically requested.

Spending on Christmas and other holiday gifts in particular has been a subject of study. The American Research Group discovered that the amount people spend on gifts has risen since 2006. In 2016, for example, it was found that for the first time since 2006, the average person in the United States spent over $900.00 on gifts. The American Research Group also discovered that people spent more on Christmas gifts in 2016 than they did in the previous year. In 2015, for instance, they spent an average of $882.00 on gifts, while in 2016, they spent an average of $929.00.

Online shopping was also more prevalent in 2016. It was also found that during 2016, 55% of Americans completed a portion of their holiday gift shopping online. While many Americans chose to shop online for convenience, others do so because of the large availability of products. In many instances, they are also able to have free shipping or expedited service, which is an added benefit.

Another benefit of shopping online, whether it’s for holiday gifts, birthday gifts, or “just because” gifts, is that there are a variety of specialty stores available. When someone is searching for just the right gift for someone from Kentucky, for instance, they are able to visit an online Kentucky store.

Whether you’re planning to surprise someone with a gift or have a long list of items that they would really appreciate having, you can choose from a wide selection at a Kentucky store. In addition to University of Kentucky hats and other types of apparel, such as UK Wildcat shirts, there is also Makers Mark merchandise, which includes Makers Mark bar accessories and shirts. When there’s a special occasion just around the corner, why not choose a Kentucky gift basket for each of the Kentuckians in your life?

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