Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Youll Love

Are you ready to update your bathroom? If so, then tune in to watch this video about a full bathroom makeover to help you start your home remodeling project. Now, let’s get started!

Redoing your bathroom may seem overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be with the right tools and mindset. When you’re ready for your renovation, the first step you are going to tackle is the demolition.

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This will be the easiest part, as all you’re doing is ripping everything out.

Once everything is ripped out, you will want to install your new tiles for your shower. It’s a good idea to pick out two tile styles and input one on the walls and the other on the floor. You can find a great selection of tiles at your local hardware store like home depot or lowes.

After completing the demolition and tiling, you are ready to add a new vanity and accessories. Pick a vanity that you know will match the rest of the bathroom. To make your space feel more open, try adding a glass frameless shower door.

For a finishing touch, add some handmade wooden shelving above your toilet for extra storage space!


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