Avon Is A Veteran Of Cosmetics Companies

Makeup and beauty products

When looking for Avon products women are looking for a way to improve their look. Avon is a beauty supply company that has been active for a long time and is historic. In 1905 the first Avon print ads were published in Good Housekeeping.

Avon products have been around for a long time and have a steady popularity among women. Not only because of their makeup products but because of the charitable acts they provide to women around the world. Over the course of Avons business life time the Avon Foundation for Women has donated more than eight hundred million dollars in more than fifty countries.

When looking for Avon Atlanta residents are getting skin care products as well as makeup products. Beauty supply stores in georgia are prepared to offer women a way to pamper themselves and boost their self esteem. Ladies like to wear makeup not only because it can be a nice pick me up on a rough day but because it also makes them feel elegant. Avon products support women wearing makeup to glam up their look with timeless products that have a history of being successful among customers.

Beauty supply stores in Decatur GA offer women cosmetic products that they are looking for. Avon products have had a long standing popularity among consumers because the company has been active for so long. Avon products even became a official Olympic sponsor in Atlanta, GA during the 1996 Centennial Games.

Avon was originally called the California Perfume Company even though its headquarters have always been stationed in New York. More on this: www.avonsuperstore.com

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