Are You Concerned About the Country’s Landfills? Donate Used Clothing and Textiles to The Military Order of the Purple Heart

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People in the United States tend to be generous individuals. In fact, about 95.4% engage in some type of charitable giving. In addition to donating their time and expertise, many Americans will also make monetary, household, and clothing donations. Since there are organizations that pick up donations, this can make it even more convenient to donate clothes and other items throughout the year.

In 2007, for example, charity foundations within the United States received approximately $5.8 billions-worth of clothing-related donations. Just four years later in 2011, roughly two million tons of clothing and textiles were donated to charities or recycled. As a result, the recovery rate for used clothing and textiles during 2011 was approximately 15.3%.

Since research has revealed that 12 tons of clothing and textiles are literally thrown out every year, donating used clothing and textiles keeps these items out of the country’s landfills. Even though a considerable number of people in the United States do engage in these positive behaviors, textiles continue to be one of the least recycled materials that can be reused and repurposed. On an annual basis, the data also shows that just 15% of Americans’ used clothing is either donated or recycled. Furthermore, the average person in this country will will create 82 pounds of textile waste.

When people donate clothing, it’s been estimated that 80% of these items will either be given to the needy or used to fund programs run by charitable organizations. The Council for Textile Recycling reports that every year, the United States creates about 25 billion pounds of brand-new textiles. While 85% of these textiles tend to eventually find their way into the country’s landfills, various charitable organizations will receive the remaining 15%.

When you’re looking for organizations that pick up donations, remember that GreenDrop can do this on behalf of The Military Order of the Purple Heart. This organization was chartered by Congress in 1958 to honor service men and women that were wounded or killed while serving their country in the military. Today, this organization continues to provide health, education, and family support programs for all of the country’s veterans.

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