An Overview of Exotic Skin Shoes for Men

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Are you shopping for exotic skin shoes for men? You probably wouldn’t even know that exotic skin shoes for men are a thing, until you need a pair of mens eel skin shoes or mens ostrich skin boots. If that’s you, you know the appeal of exotic skin shoes for men. A good pair of exotic skin shoes for men will boost the confidence of the wearer, and provide comfort and class that is unmatched.

However, when it comes to exotic skin shoes for men, there are so many options. Don’t worry though. Hang on for our guide of exotic skin shoes for men:

An Overview of Exotic Skin Shoes for Men

  1. Mens Alligator Shoes

    Alligator skin is the most common type of leather that exotic skin shoes are made of. Alligator leather is soft and pliable, while also providing durability and quality. The tell-tale sign of alligator leather is the triangular shapes scales in the shoes.

    If you are buying alligator shoes, it’s important to pay attention to the pattern on the leather. The best part of the to make a pair of good quality shoes out of is the under carriage or the tail. These are relatively small areas, and so two pieces will be required to make shoes. You want to pay close attention to the consistency of the pieces of leather, to ensure they are good quality and cohesive.

  2. Ostrich Skin Boots

    In most cases, you’ll find ostrich skin used to make cowboy boots. Ostrich skin is soft and easy to form into the shape used for cowboy boots. Boots made of ostrich skin are formed from the quill or leg section of the bird, and you’ll know if your cowboy boots or luxury shoes are made out of ostrich leather if you see the bumpy or ridged texture on the surface. This texture creates a very unique and sleek look for your luxury shoes.
  3. Crocodile Skin Shoes

    You might be surprised to find out that crocodile and alligator leather make vary different types of shoes. Like alligator skin shoes, crocodile leather utilizes the soft belly skin of the reptile to create luxury shoes. And like alligator, the pattern on the leather has a distinct diamond shape. But that’s where the similarities end. Crocodile skin has differing sized scales with a more consistent patterns than that of alligator. This creates a more rustic appearance when used for luxury shoes. At one point in time, alligator skin was preferable since the outcome is a little more uniform, but the rugged charm of crocodile skin luxury shoes is becoming more and more popular in the luxury skin shoe industry.

  4. Eel Skin Luxury Shoes

    Luxury shoes made of eel skin are unmatched by any other type of leather available. Eel skin luxury shoes have a natural sheen and vibrant colors, as a result of quickly absorbing any dyes used to color them. Shoes made of eel skin are also very lightweight and flexible; which provides comfort along with quality. Eel shoes are known for their superior comfort and durability, as well as versatile appearance.

  5. Snake Skin Luxury Shoes

    Snake skin shoes abound in the luxury shoe world. Perhaps because of the availability of snakes to make them. Many luxury cowboy boots are made from snake skin, marked by the obvious snake scale patter and the flexibility of the leather. Snake skin has a lot of elasticity, which makes them ideal for boots that rise above the ankle, as cowboy boots do.

  6. Lizard Skin Luxury Shoes

    Lizard skin luxury shoes are fairly uncommon and rare to come by (perhaps because their comparable size makes lizard skin more difficult to make a pair shoes out of). You might find that lizard skin is the priciest of the luxury shoe type, but they are also extremely durable. A good pair of lizard skin shoes will last a lifetime, while also providing unmatched comfort that only grows in quality over time.

We want to hear from you. Do you own any luxury skin shoes? What type of leather are they made from? What made you choose them? What do you love about them? Let’s talk about all things luxury skin shoes in the comment section below!

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