A Guide to Textiles and Fashion

The fashion industry has been popular for quite some time across the globe. However, thanks to technology and social media, the fashion industry is reaching new heights. More and more people can access new trends, fashion shows, and more right from their own smartphone. As a result, textiles are a huge deal in fashion for men and fashion for women.

Innovative designs are helping the world of fashion reach more and more people. Between 2016 and 2026, the employment of fashion designs is expected to grow by nearly 3%. This is not just impressive but instead points to some upcoming trends in the world of fashion. However, the best part of fashion is just how much the internet helps.

The internet is allowing for people to buy more and more fashion at a high-rate. Projects show that experts believe the e-commerce fashion industry will go from $481 billion in 2018 to nearly $712 billion by the year 2022. Therefore, it is important for Americans to be in tune with the world of textiles and more!

Textiles Are The Driving Force Of The Fashion Industry

In the year 1930, the average woman in America was in possession of nine different outfits. In recent years, data has revealed that the average woman owns nearly 30 different outfits. This is means that the average woman has enough outfits for almost every single day of the month.

In 2015, the United States was placed at the top of the regional market for premier, luxury items. As a matter of fact, the estimated value of the luxury market is nearly $91 billion. Luxury textiles and clothing is a huge deal for so many Americans across the country now.

The fashion industry is not just strong now but will actually continue to grow over the years. Understand that projections have been created for the year of 2020, which is a few years from now. These projections show that experts estimate that the number of potential fashion customers will grow to almost 1.2 billion. The ages of these customers will primarily be between 16 to 24 and also 25 to 34 as well.

Textiles Are Popular For The Fashion Industry

Designer shoes, designer socks, luxury polo shirt for men, and other lush textiles are why fashion is so strong right now. The products, clothes, and accessories are better than ever before thanks to the premier and innovative designs. As a result of more and more customers and people, in general, believe that they should invest in some stylish forms of clothing.

OnePoll, a market research firm, released a report in the past few years. This report revealed that women will take 30 trips and will spend almost 100 hours every single year shopping for clothes. Now, thanks to e-commerce, women can buy and search through all kinds of textiles right from the comfort of their own home. As a result, shopping is definitely easier than ever before for all of these women and more!

The United State Bureau of Labor Statistics gathers data in relation to jobs and spending within the United States economy. This revealed that average American families spend nearly $1,700 on clothes each and every year. Therefore, it is easy to understand that there are so many different kinds of people buying textiles for themselves and others. As a result, this market is not going to disappear any time soon or even potentially ever!

In Conclusion

Across the United States, luxury good sales are growing and growing. As a matter of fact, McKinsey has revealed information that they are growing nearly 3.5% each and every year. Also, their forecast suggests that e-commerce is going to help these sales nearly triple over the next few years as well! Anyone and everyone that wants to spend their hard-earned cash on some lush textiles are in luck for sure.

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