6 Weird Things Donated to Charities

A little more than 955 of Americans participate charitable giving, whether it is giving to homeless charities, veterans charities or any other charities keeping the 82 pounds of textile waste each American produces each year is just as important as helping a charity such as veterans charities. With 10 pounds of used clothing purchased each year you can see how these donation help those in need such as the benefits of veterans charities. Whether you are donating are shopping for deals, there are a few things you never expect to find in a thrift store. Read below to see some of the weirdest things ever found in a thrift store.


Okay maybe not actual ashes, but ashes of a loved one! Donating an urn may not be something that you think anyone would do, but you may be surprised. Sometimes in the process of going through and getting rid of the clutter, too many things can be tossed into the donate pile alongside clothing donations, charitable donations and other things donated. We are sure that whoever decided to donate this item most likely didn’t mean to or didn’t know exactly what it was, at least we hope that is the case.

Prosthetic Legs

We aren’t going to ask why the previous owner no longer had a use for these items. We also won’t ask what their future home holds for them when they do sell. It’s no surprise that weird things manage to find their way into donation centers, but sometimes these things leave the workers scratching their heads asking themselves many questions.

Live Grenade

Yes you read that right. Good thing this donation made it into the proper hands. It’s also a good thing that professionals were able to disassemble it after it was donated. Luckily this weapon didn’t unexpectedly detonate on it’s own. Please reconsider donating weapons when making your donation piles.

Declaration of Independence

It’s not all weird things that have been found in donation sites, some of them will make you say “wow!” Such as an official copy of the US Declaration of Independence. Bought for a little less that $2.50 and thought for sure to be a knock-off it was later found that it is one of 20 official copies in existence. Needless to say it was sold for much for than it was bought for!


Can you imagine the look on the workers faces when this came through? It was probably sheer panic wondering if there was someone inside. Once realizing no one is inside of it, their thought process probably began to ponder whether or not someone had ever been in it. It’s kind of hard to wonder why it would be used but not in the ground, leading them to most likely believe that it was not used. Hopefully for anyone buying it, this was in fact the case.

Crystal Ball

A crystal ball may not seem all that surprising when you think about it, but this crystal ball was slightly different. This crystal ball has a bat inside of it. Yes a real bat. We don’t quite know if bats are considered good luck or not, however when it comes to telling the future this bag obviously doesn’t have the best guidance. Maybe we should think twice about listening to it.

Mind boggled yet? Consider double checking any donations before making the choice to donate. While you may think because you may no longer need it, that someone else will, that may not always be the case. No one wants used dentures. No one wants a human skull… Yes these are more things that were actually donated. Remember all donations help whether helping homeless charities or veterans charities. Consider which items you would want in your home before choosing what to donate, and please remember some things are really better off in the trash can.

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