4 Ways You Didn’t Know that Flax Was Used

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Flax is a crop grown in cool regions all over the world. You may know of its seeds, which are highly nutritious, but did you know that flax has a wide range of uses?


Flax seeds are rich in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, promoting healthy digestive tracts. It has also been known to reduce LDL-cholesterol levels, and is recommended for individuals who have high cholesterol. Flax can also be cold pressed into linseed oil, popularly used as a nutritional supplement.


You probably guessed, since flax is so healthy, it has become popular in the culinary world. Flax seeds can be easily added to granola, and also in freshly blended smoothies with organic fruits and vegetables. Linseed oil is also used often in Savji curries, although is not used often as a cooking oil.

Household Products

Linseed oil, or flaxseed oil, is also prized for its use in wood finishing products, as well as its drying properties. This makes it a common additive in paints, varnishes, linoleum, and printing inks.

Textiles and fibers

Flax is one of the earliest known textile fibers. Sources from almost 9,000 years ago record flax being grown along the Mediterranean coast. Egyptians cherished these flax fibers at about 2,000 years B.C., calling the material “Woven Wind.”

The earliest known flax fibers were discovered in the Republic of Georgia, dating back nearly 30,000 years ago, to give you an idea of how durable these fibers are. Some of today’s most common household textiles are actually made from flax fibers. Bed sheets, specifically linen sheets, are derived from flax. Flax fibers are soft and flexible. When bundled together, flax fibers look like blonde hair.

Pure linen sheets are stronger than cotton, and are soft and comfortable as well, making them some of the most popular sheet types on the market. While this isn’t a new trend, many people don’t like to use any products on their bodies that they wouldn’t put in their bodies. These people often choose organic linen sheets to sleep on. Organic linen sheets are exceptionally comfortable, as well as environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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