4 Staples of a Skater’s Wardrobe

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The California skaters of 1970 didn?t have the internet to help them cultivate their styles and unique fashion choices. They just had their imaginations. That means the skater style we?ve adopted as mainstream today wasn?t designed or discussed on fashion blogs, it was born from the streets and the skate parks.

Of course, we can learn about this style now on blogs such as this one. We can even by skater-inspired clothes on the internet when we shop Supreme clothing online. Let?s take a look at the four important staples of any skater?s wardrobe.


No skater would ever be seen without their hat. Supreme 5 panel hats are a must-have whether it?s on your head, clipped to your belt loop, or tucked into the back pocket of your baggy cut-off Levis.


Nothing says ?skater? like a pair of hi-top kicks. Vans are the epitome of classic skater style, but in recent years there has been a wealth of great new styles and brands to choose from. Skating takes a lot out of your feet, so having the right pair of shoes is essential not just for looks, but for functionality as well.


Hoodies are the ultimate wardrobe staple for both comfort and casual street style. Whether you?re lounging on the couch, strolling around town, or hitting the half-pipes, a sensible hoodie with a cool design is always a great choice.


There may not be a person in the western world who doesn?t own a t-shirt, but skaters have been making this basic clothing item a foundational part of their outfit for decades now. Creative prints and logo designs are key to a cool street style tee.

Whether skateboarding is your lifestyle or just your fashion inspiration, go out and let your freak flag fly. Mix and match your favorite shoes, hoodies, and 5 panel hats, and don?t let anyone stop you from doing you.

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