3 Ways Steel Toe Boots Protect Your Feet

Comfortable tactical boots

You wouldn’t think that your feet were very delicate, especially if you work in construction or fields where you are constantly walking around. In reality, there are 26 bones and 33 joints in the human foot, because these bones are very small they are more easily damaged. Choosing the best steel toe boots could save you a lot of pain and trouble when working those tough jobs, here are a few things you may want to consider the next time you need to pick up some new work boots.

  1. Safety: Of reported workers with foot injuries, only 23% were wearing steel toe boots, they can protect your feet from damage and can even handle 75 pounds of force dropping from up to three feet. You also may want to go with heavy duty work boots, they will last much longer even if you have to spend a little extra it will pay off. Saving a bit of money now could cause instant regret when those poor quality boots don’t hold up in an accident.

  2. Comfort: Just because steel toe boots have metal in them doesn’t mean they have to weigh a ton, you can find a plethora of lightweight heavy duty work boots that won’t bog you down. When you are going to be wearing a pair of shoes to labor in every day you want them to be comfortable and fit well. Allowing a little wiggle room in the toe is a good idea, as well as picking a par with compression resistance for comfort.

  3. Sweat: Everyday workers in very active positions can sweat up to 200 ml of moisture from their feet and the best steel toe boots should be able to let your feet breath. Having sweaty feet all day causes your foot to slip around in the shoe, which can rub painful blisters and make your workday miserable. Boots with a waterproof skin are another way to keep those feet nice and dry while you’re working, if you are in construction you may work outside quite a bit and besides the morning dew, rain can be an obstacle for having a productive workday; even if it’s from the previous day.

Working hard is admirable and exhausting for some, but it doesn’t have to be wretched because of inferior work boots. Go ahead and splurge a bit for that next pair of boots, your feet will thank you and there will be a noticeable difference at the end of those long days. With all that hard work you deserve some quality shoes, don’t you think?

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