Are You Overdue for a Vacation? Experience Sanibel Island in a Beachfront Condo

Written by Swap Shop on July 1st, 2017. Posted in Condos in sanibel island, Island fishing, Rent a condos

Sanibel beachfront condos

Are you planning to take a vacation by the beach this summer? If so, have you considered renting a beachfront or beachside condo rather than staying in a hotel? Just imagine having all the amenities of home and being able to truly relax without the typical issues associated with the hotel lifestyle.

Taking regular vacations can make a significant difference in a person’s overall well-being, according to a recent survey. This was particularly the case for affluent leisure travelers, 82% of whom stated that vacations were very important to maintaining their well-being.

Employed Americans also report that they return from vacation feeling refreshed. This was the case for 53% of the survey participants. It’s not surprising that many couples feel more romantic when they’re on vacation, and 42%