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Reusable Bags Offer Shoppers Numerous Benefits

Written by Swap Shop on May 21st, 2018. Posted in Halloween bags, Halloween trick or treat bag, Reusable shopping bags bulk

According to Statistica, total food sales in the United States total nearly $1.5 trillion per year as customers make 1.5 trips to the grocery store per week, spending more than $100 per trip.

With all those trips to the store there are scores of plastic grocery bags used. In the United States alone, 100 billion bags are used per year with the average person using between 350 and 500 per year. The Environmental Protection Agency says that only two percent of plastic bags have been recycled in the past decade. On top of that, plastic are only used for about 25 minutes on average.

That also means that a lot of these plastic grocery bags end up in the trash, which does a great deal of harm to the environment. Plastic bags can take as many as 1,000 years to degrade and the bags breakdown into smaller toxic pieces which end up in the ocean and harm the food chain. In fact